About Molton Ice

Verney’s Molton Ice combine milk from their dairy herd in Devon to make a selection of Artisan Ice Creams . Developing their our own recipes to include a delicious variety of sorbets and dairy free alternatives in 5 litre Scooping Tubs & Spoon in the lid pots Dairy Ice Creams.

We supply our ice cream, sorbets and dairy free options to those looking for locally sourced Devon produce. We offer a wide variety of flavours and are always happy to discuss particular requests if you require a bespoke flavours please get in touch to discuss further.

Dairy Ice Cream

Our herd of black and white dairy cows are milked twice a day on our North Devon farm. The milk is then separated to make the cream, which we combine with British sugar and other carefully selected ingredients to make different flavour ice creams. We have developed our own recipes concentrating on flavour and texture.  Please get in touch for a full list of flavours available. We offer Spoon in the lid Pots & 5 litre Scooping Tubs. Our best sellers include: Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry n Cream.

Our dairy cows graze on grass early Spring to Autumn.


Our sorbets have been carefully crafted, mixed with British sugar and added to homemade preparations and fruit  to produce a smooth texture and delicate flavour. Our best sellers include: Elderflower & Blackcurrant. Available in 5 litre Scooping Tubs. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Molton Ice

From the lush green grass in the am to the White Stuff in the tank in the pm, our Homemade mix that will age overnight to your dairy ice cream delivered in sight.

Scoop down deep for that Real Molton Taste & love True flavour.

Dairy Free Ice Cream

Our dairy free selection ices have been developed for those suffering from food allergies and intolerances, using a base of smooth coconut milk which is combined with UK sugar and to offer 100% of the flavour with none of the milk. Our best sellers include: Coconut & Mango also making Strawberry & Belgian Chocolate
Available in 5 litre Scooping Tubs.  Please get in touch to discuss further.

Awards & Assurances

The farm is part of the ‘Red Tractor’ Dairy Farm Assurance scheme, providing reassurance to customers and retailers of the high quality milk and safety standards.

Awards to include Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream, Belgian Chocolate, Blackcurrant, Devon Flower Honey & Pear, Apple & Cinnamon